PD 2013

International Conference

PD 2013

5-6 Sept 2013

Team HABs is presenting the followings:

1.     Leong, S.C.Y., Tkalich, P., and Patrikalakis, N.M., 2013. Developing An Observing System Using Autonomous Vehicles To Study The Response Of Phytoplankton To Environmental Changes In Singapore Coastal Waters.

2.     Kok, J.W.K, Yeo, D.C.J., Leong, S.C.Y., 2013. Changes In Growth Rates And Nutrient Characteristics Of Singapore Strain Of Heterosigma sp. In Response To Varying Nitrogen Sources.

3.     Chen, P.Z.X, Sivalingam VM, P.S., Leong, S.C.Y., 2013. Growth And Physiological Characteristics Of Toxic Dinoflagellate Karlodinium In Response To Different Nutrients Regimes.

4.     Lim, L.P., Tan, T.H., Chew, S.M., Teng, S.T., Lim, H.C., Leong, S.C.Y., Leaw, C.P., Lim, P.T., 2013. First Report Of Potential Harmful Diatom Pseudo-Nitzschia Species (Bacillariophyceae) In Singapore Coastal Waters.

5.     Chew, S.M., Dao, M.H., Tham, A.Y.H., Tang, M.Y.L., Lim, L.P., Leong, S.C.Y., 2013. Growth And Cellular Nitrogen Contents Of Bloom-Forming Phytoplankton Species Isolated From Singapore Coastal Waters.

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